It began when I won a scholarship in 2007 to study in the UK.

It continued in 2012, when I was moving back to London after my Erasmus year in Paris. As I was stuffing my belongings into my bulging suitcases, I realised how much I loved being mobile. It was an amazing feeling: packing your life into a suitcase (or three) and unpacking in a different city, life continuing as if nothing had happened.

Then I finished my studies and came back to Thailand. Life was easy and pleasant there. I had a job that I enjoyed and was close to home. I thought I could settle down, make a family, have that house with the white picket fence.

Then Vietnam happened.

It was New Years 2017. I was in Hanoi. Amidst the hustle and bustle and the foreignness of it all, I realised how much I missed living abroad.


So, a few days later (3rd January to be exact), in a leafy café in Hoi An (pictured above), I made my decision:

I will live the rest of my life abroad.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but once I’d made it it seemed inevitable. How could I content myself with a life in a Thai suburbs when so much of me had been forged in my years between European cities?

That decision changed everything. I would have to quit my job and find a means to support myself abroad. Arrangements needed to be made. Timeline to be mapped out.

A friend suggested I start a blog to document my journey. So here we are.

I hope my travels kindle a fire in you that I had lost. Whatever inspires you, I hope you never lose sight of it.