Master of Chill

I am sitting in leaf & co. café in Chinatown in KL, and I am in love.

I am starting to notice a trend now where cafés make me fall in love with a place. This particular one is housed at the edge of Chinatown in a somewhat dilapidated building. Inside is all industrial chic with high ceiling, bare cement walls, dark wood, and ceiling fans blowing a constant, cool breeze. The vibe is the epitome of chill, hence the title of this post.

My intention today was to do some cafe hopping in Chinatown. I had identified four cafes located not far apart and was going to spend the afternoon visiting all four. But after landing on my first leafy visit, I immediately changed my mind. It is so nice here I have resolved not to move. Not even to go get Chinese food in Chinatown. I will content myself with whatever fusion fare this place serves up. Sit back in my chair, and relax.

This has been a busy week. My second work trip to KL to deliver training, and deliver I did. Or rather, facilitate. Deliver makes it sound too much like a performance, which it is. But the essence of it is facilitating learning through dialog and activities. Hence, facilitate seems a better word to describe what I’ve been up to.

I arrived here on Monday (today is Saturday), had a day to breathe, then launched straight into three trainings spanning four days. Two of those trainings were for a supervisor people manager skills training I am in charge of. The third was called Facilitation Skills and forms part of my training to be certified as Master Trainer.

What’s a Master Trainer, you ask? A Master Trainer – I’d like to think – is a meta trainer. A trainer certified to train others on how to train people. Basically, someone certified to facilitate the Facilitation Skills training which certifies normal trainers.

In order to be certified as Master Trainer, you have to take part in four Facilitation Skills trainings – co-facilitate and lead the feedback sessions for the participants’ practice rounds. I began my journey on March 19 when I co-facilitated the first Facilitation Skills training. And yesterday, May 10 I was finally certified. A seven-week journey which I wasn’t sure I’d have the time for initially, but it happily turns out that I did.

Being a Master Trainer is somewhat of a milestone in our learning and development community at my company. We don’t have many. And it’s a rigorous process to train to become one, so this is an achievement worth documenting.

So, what’s next for this newly certified Master Trainer? I can now take on and certify fresh batches of trainers back in Bangkok. I’ve got to see and coordinate that later. I spent a considerable amount of time cultivating my skills. I wouldn’t want them to go to waste.

In the meantime, though, let me take a well-deserved break at this lovely cafe. I’ve got my books. And my iced jasmine green tea (the piccolo latte has long been consumed). For the next few hours, let me be the Master of Chill.


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