The Life I Choose

Today I turned down the opportunity to join an established company in a position that will be financially and professionally rewarding.

It’s a position I heard of through a former high-level supervisor. Initially, it was the money that attracted me, but as I prepared my CV and my interview answers I became more and more interested in the nature of the work. I went in for an interview last Tuesday, and I liked what I heard.

This morning, I sent an e-mail to the senior manager with whom I’ll be working with should I be successful, politely informing her that I would like to withdraw my application.

Why did I do this?

The job seems like a no-brainer. It pays well. It’s stable. It’s challenging. It’s with a big company with various growth opportunities. Most of all, I’ll be working with people who at first meeting seemed like very capable, straightforward, understanding people.

But it’s a job that requires commitment – time- and effort-wise. I’ll be working full-time, and likely with additional hours. It’s a high-pressure job with tight deadlines and minimal support, so I’ll likely be stressed some, if not most, of the time.

If I were to take the job, if I’m really honest with myself, I’ll have to give up my subtitles work, put a pause on my creative writing career, struggle to find time to learn Korean. And in the end that’s a price not worth paying.

Some time last night I realised this:

At 28, I’m too old to not do what I really want to do.

So I decided to withdraw my application and continue on this uncertain path that will hopefully lead me to Korea and a published book or two.

I hope that, should you ever be faced with a similar decision, you make one that brings you closer to what you want from life, one that you will not regret.



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